Caos medidativo



Caos meditativo is a piece that develops around an unanswered question: what is the act of creation? Some 3.8 billion years ago, life began thanks to a thin membrane that protected a series of chemical elements from violence and the chaos of the primitive ocean. Today, like that primitive cell, a body on stage shows us fragile, naked, trying to create a fiction that serves as a protective membrane. In the violent generation of what we call life, fiction is the product of a creative act that resists death. In theater, as in life, chaos is a natural space that generates energy and shoots out in directions that are not we can understand. We imagine, combine materials, invent stories and dream of new futures in a chaotic act of creation, full of energy and crossed by moments of meditative peace, of space between, of perfect stillness. It was like this, generating questions that led us to more questions, as we realized that creating, like living, is a chaotic act of resistance to death.


Direction: Javier Guerrero Interpretation: Tanit Cobas, Amanda Rubio, Jerónimo Ruiz, Julia Sanz Dramaturgy and lighting: Andrés Galian Costumes: Marijo Torres (Malahierba) Scenography: Mariona Signes Musical editing: Mario G. Cortizo Production: Cristina Sanz- Gadea External view: Alba Lorca Video and photography: Tristan Pérez Martín

Co production: Mercat de les flors and Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona (ICEC).

With the complicity: Teatre L’Artesa, Graner creation center, L’Estruch Sabadell, Fabra i Coats.