(B)aso is a specific site that reflects on the cultural identity of a specific community and collective memory; what events are part of the history of a community and that help define themselves before other communities.
The Basque oral culture has the phenomenon “Bertsolari”; literally “versifier”. The Bertsolari are improvisers of verses that are dedicated to compose, sing / improvise verses in Basque called “bertsoak”. The dance abstract movement is mixed with the improvised verses and the traditional songs of the Basque culture, an ode to those sailors who marched for long months to the sea.

Artistic team;
Choreography; Javier Guerrero.
Dancers: Joel Mesa, Jùlia Sanz, y Paula Tato.
Bertsolari: Oihane Enbeita Gardoki.
With the help o fAterpean, Danzta Gunea, Ballet Malandain Biarrtiz y Dantza Hirian.